Cotswold CBT services

Cotswold CBT is a specialist private CBT practice providing a range of cognitive behavioural therapy services:

  • Full-scope CBT
    Effective for a very wide range of emotional issues and mental illnesses, this is conventional CBT treatment (sometimes known as “high intensity” CBT in the NHS). Available face-to-face and by telephone.
  • Guided CBT
    A low-cost form of CBT appropriate for less complex conditions. Available by telephone and online. (Face-to-face assessment is recommended where possible.)
  • CBT assessment only
    A full CBT assessment including a brief written formulation and treatment plan for use by other health professionals, but without any commitment to treatment. You can use this to help you obtain appropriate treatment through the NHS or elsewhere, or you can choose to continue with Cotswold CBT’s full-scope or guided CBT. Available face-to-face and by telephone.
  • Formal assessment
    An extended assessment including case history, impact assessment, CBT formulation and a treatment plan, together with a full written report suitable for use in legal and other formal proceedings. Available face-to-face only.
  • Couple therapy
    The application of CBT techniques to difficulties in relationships, where problematic emotional issues are shared. Available face-to-face only.
  • Extended therapy
    In-depth exploration of life’s issues using CBT methodology at a pace that you choose. Some people use this to understand and come to terms with their past, while others use it to help them process the stresses and strains of their present lives. Available face-to-face and by telephone.
  • Supervision
    Professional supervision for other CBT practitioners. Available face-to-face and by telephone.