About Louise Ritson

Louise Ritson is a very experienced CBT therapist in the Cotswolds region of the UK.

She specializes in adult mental health, including older adults. She is experienced in complex cases in particular, including patients whose previous counselling or psychotherapy has not been successful. She also sees patients whose problems are relatively simple and who have not had psychotherapy before, and she provides supervision and consultancy to other therapists.

She works by telephone and online with a very limited number of private patients, and she can sometimes provide treatment to patients outside the UK.

She has previously worked for the NHS in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and she continues to collaborate closely with NHS GPs and psychiatrists whenever it is appropriate.

She is an accredited member of the BABCP, and in her work as a therapist she is bound by its code of ethics. This guarantees, amongst other things, the confidentiality of your therapy.

She has worked in organizations as a mentor to directors and senior executives, and as a facilitator for teams facing tough challenges. For more biographical information, see: Biography