Information — Self help
Someone to talk to in a crisis

Self-help organizations often provide telephone helplines that you can call in a crisis. These can provide you with someone to talk to, who understands what you are going through, and who might be able to give you advice about how to cope. They can be very helpful.

Many crisis helplines are run by volunteers who might not have had much training. So if you telephone a helpline and the person you speak to is not helpful, remember that you might get a different person if you try again at another time.

If you find that you are calling a crisis helpline often, it might mean that your condition is getting worse. Make sure that you talk about this to your GP or to the specialist who is treating you. You could try keeping a diary where you note each call that you make and your reasons for making it. This might help you to identify a pattern and deal with the recurring crises more effectively. Then you can keep the helpline in reserve for more serious crises.

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