Information — Self help
Sources of self help

For information on a range of subjects relating to mental health:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

The following are voluntary organizations in the UK:

No Panic
For anxiety, panic, obsessions, and related conditions

Action for M.E.
For chronic fatigue and related conditions

This book is a general-purpose do-it-yourself approach to CBT. It was written by two of the world’s leading experts:

Mind Over Mood

These web sites provide free do-it-yourself approaches to CBT using the Internet. Anyone in any country can use them:

Living Life to The Full
For distress, low mood and worry (Scottish)

For depression (Australian)

For depression, general anxiety and worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, loss and grief (Australian)

If you are looking for more sources of self help in the UK, try the list maintained by MIND on their Links page.