Psychotherapy — What does CBT involve?
Stage 3: Working with behaviour

In the behavioural part of CBT, you learn to understand how your thoughts and your behaviour influence each other. This is Stage 3.

Sometimes the things you do influence your thoughts. Sometimes the things you think influence your behaviour. In this stage of therapy you establish patterns of thought and behaviour that help you to manage your symptoms.

Between therapy sessions, you usually perform activities that are related to these new patterns. For example, you might practise interacting with people in new ways. Or you might practise handling specific situations, so that you gain control of what happens.

What to expect from Stage 3

Stage 3 is often not very clear cut. You cannot easily tell when it begins and ends. You might spend some time working with behaviours in each of your therapy sessions.

By the time you are approaching the end of your CBT treatment, you should be applying what you have learned in real life situations between therapy sessions.

The next stage is: Stage 4: Being your own therapist